The teaching at Sphinx International School is designed to meet the needs of each individual student. The curriculum is tailored to match the best practices; students are taught essential knowledge, skills and understandings.

Less Schooling is More Education: Currently people believe “MORE” to be the answer to all of our educational problems. Everything can be solved with MORE classes, MORE hours at school, MORE homework, MORE assignments, MORE pressure, MORE content, MORE meetings, MORE after school tutoring, and of course MORE testing. What they neglect to mention or ignore altogether is that all this creates MORE burnt out teachers, MORE stressed out and frustrated students and MORE unsatisfied parents. At SIS, we firmly believe that Education happens anywhere and is best gained by nurturing the God-given inquisitive minds and natural talents of our young learners. That is why we chose our school motto to be “Less Schooling is more Education”, which highlights our philosophy of encouraging Education in the sense of learning regardless of the physical location of the student, be it the School or outside school walls.

Our students’ intellectual, emotional and social development is an essential part of the school’s responsibility. We strive for all students to become successful and feel confident and accomplished.