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Parent Questions

You can either visit the school to pick up an application or apply online on the school’s website. The form must be completed thoroughly (front and back) and submitted with the other required documents listed on the website. Submitting an application does not mean your child has been given a place at the school.
Students who are coming to apply will be placed in accordance with their appropriate grade level and age. Our benchmark is 60%.

Students must successfully complete the full grade level before advancing to the next grade level. If a student has not successfully completed a full grade level when enrolling at SIS, the student will be placed in the same grade level to ensure the completion of that grade.

Results are communicated to parents within 3 days after assessment and parents’ interview with the division director. Final acceptance will be announced once the applicant and his/her parents meet with SIS Superintendent. Meeting the school Superintendent will be within a maximum of a week time from assessment date
Sphinx International American School is following the American curriculum committed with Common Core State Standards – Mathematics and Language Arts. Please use this link to learn more:
The school has a full set of uniform for both formal and PE days, uniform is available all year long in the uniform shop in school
The school is contracted with a catering company that provides a range of healthy food choices.
Yes, through their offices and through email.
We have 3 Science Labs, 2 Computer labs, 2 libraries, 3 music rooms, 3 art rooms, a cafeteria, a multi - purpose court, a soccer field and a swimming pool. A gymnasium will be in operation in a year’s time.
Al Bustan compound, Northern investors, New Cairo, Cairo government across Garden 8 You can use this link for accurate location on google maps:
The school offers French, German and Spanish as a second language.
We no longer have the Learning Support Center.
Yes. Students must go through the application process, meet our admissions standards and then files are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. And it’s also a matter of seat availability.
Yes, we follow the Ministry of Education requirements. Foreign students holding non-Arabic speaking nationality can be exempted from Ministry subjects Arabic, Religion, and Arabic social studies. Those who are exempted still take Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL).
SIS provides transportation for an additional fee and serves certain areas.

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